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A Parisian and world citizen Corinne has brought to O︎˙ SUR her outstanding trajectory in the world of French and Italian luxury products, working for great European firms, leading brands and product development.

Corinne is now leveraging her experience and knowledge in the creation of her own brand O︎˙ SUR.

Her open to finding new ways and adventurous personalty has led Corinne to become familiarized and to work in very varied cultures and countries.

The different cultures Corinne has worked in are behind the spirit of the O︎˙ SUR brand ; full of contrast, light and plurality ; an elegant affirmative style, poetically relaxed…

Elegance, quality and Mediterranean spirit

O︎˙ SUR is a brand of mediterranean inspiration transmitting its own lifestyle. Each collection is inspired by the rythms and styles characteristic of the Mediterranean as well as by a lifestyle committed to elegance and quality, albeit without ostentation.

“I have acquired my experience working for the most important luxury brands of Europe; I am now focusing on developing my own brand starting with the fantastic world of footwear”.

“I always wanted to develop a product tied to Mediterranean roots, which would transmit our way of seeing life to other distant countries, which feel and appreciate the positive values of the Mediterranean; people who do connect with our culture and its energy”.

“I believe in a timeless style, which combines elegance and free spirit, such as the Mediterranean. The brand image is opposite to excess and ostentation, coupled with a willingness to demonstrate that “natural” can be “most elegant”, even when the footwear is a sneaker or an “espadrille”.

“What I value most is the simplicity, elegance and comfort. It fits in almost every context from casual to somehow more classical, although always with a spark!”

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O’SUR is part of a new generation of creative brands which are assertive about values. O’SUR is very committed with the simplicity and quality of its models. Our products are made to last through time. We are referring to footwear which will keep you company as you make it through your personal trails, year after year. The result is in the product: a clean, neat, timefree design, which takes good care of leather and canvas.

It´s also a locally manufactured product. 100% Made in Spain.

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“I believe that colour, forms and compositions are an essential part of my work. I consider that maybe the most important dimension seek to communicate via O︎˙ SUR is the passion and spontaneity which resides in each of us, transmitting it to others, in order to help them live better and more freely”

“I enjoy it when clients feel connected to the O︎˙ SUR lifestyle, at the same time, easy and sophisticated”

“The O︎˙ SUR client is a person who strolls through life with passion and decision. Someone who does not fear making wrong choices and trying new and different pathways. Someone who strives to convert his/her ideas into reality ; dreams into “Fabulous Odisseys”.

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