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Bizerte Marino



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Bizerte's pure and simple shape is the secret to this model's irresistible elegance. Their exclusive seamless design adapts perfectly to your feet, providing maximum comfort at all times.


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Bizerte is a unique and very special and exclusive loafer, handmade using a seamless shoemaking technique. This seamless model showcases the simplest and purest way of making luxury shoes, as it only requires one piece of premium-quality, flawless leather, which is sculpted by an expert shoemaker. This model was first seen in Roman times, during the era of Augustus. It produces a "glove" or "second skin" effect, given how it adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot, guaranteeing the greatest comfort for the wearer. At O.SUR, we took inspiration from this Roman design to create a minimalist and timeless model in sea-blue cotton. It's the perfect model to pair with your favourite jeans or understated dress in order to draw attention to their artistic handmade design and therefore accentuate their elegance. Outer: cotton canvas color blue, beige lace Inner: microfiber insole aloe vera, ecualoe system Outsole: stamped goma with welt sewing jute Made in Spain

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